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We have a dedicated science team in the UK who help Yakult remain at the forefront of education and research. The team also support healthcare professionals and help them understand the science behind Yakult and L.casei Shirota.

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Yakult UK Ltd is committed to adhering to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 within its business and supply chain.

Yakult UK Ltd imports and distributes its products to all its customers across the UK and Republic of Ireland using outsourced third party logistic companies.

As part of our commitment to combating modern slavery we endeavour to make sure our supply chain of outsourced third party logistics companies are made aware of our policies and adhere to the same standards.

Yakult UK Ltd as part of its efforts to limit modern slavery carries out the following:

Annual audits to evaluate compliance with legal and company standards.
Risk based interviews with key stakeholders
Implements additional procedures where the company’s supply chain is identified as most at risk or where a breach is most likely to occur.
Manages and takes action on any non-compliance to enforce Yakult UK Ltd’s policy towards the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
Regularly updates, develops and reviews due diligence procedures to ensure compliance with the policy.
Yakult UK Ltd will continue to evaluate, monitor and improve on the Modern Slavery Act 2015 on an annual basis.

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For further information please contact Mr Ravji Pindoria (Director of Finance and General Affairs) Email

1. Introduction

In the Yakult Group the ‘Yakult Ethical Principles’ provide that, in ‘compliance with social norms’, Yakult Honsha Ltd and its employees shall not only comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions where the company operates, but also respect the local culture and customs and act in accordance with a social conscience. In tax affairs too, efforts are made to maintain and improve compliance through paying the appropriate taxes in compliance with the tax laws of each country and applicable international rules and regulations. The UK Company (“Company”) consisting of UK and IR operations is a subsidiary of Yakult Europe BV which is a subsidiary of Yakult Honsha Limited. It is a requirement of all subsidiaries to follow these principles.

2. Company position on tax planning
The execution of its business operations is the priority concern of the Company and it conducts tax planning with the aim of promoting corporate value through these operations. To this end, the company shall not undertake transactions that involve the business entity in schemes to avoid taxes or receive preferential tax treatment.

3. Policy for appointment of external advisers
The tax risk is reduced through consultations with independent tax advisers. Engagement with the local tax authorities is sought on the tax impact of major transactions, or business changes and the latest revisions to the taxation laws.

4. Extent of tax risk acceptable to the Company
The aim of the Company’s tax risk management is to comply with the tax laws in it’s jurisdiction and pay the appropriate taxes as required.

5. Briefing on internal governance system
All tax risks are accessed and monitored as part of the Company’s overall risk management framework.

6. Company’s approach to relationship with Tax Authorities
The Company aims to maintain a proper and co-operative relationship with the local tax authorities and to be pro-active in enhancing transparency. Should any differences in the interpretation of the tax laws arise between the Company and local tax authorities concerning tax issues, it shall endeavour to take speedy actions and resolve the matter openly and constructively.

7. Company’s approach to risk management and governance structure concerning U.K. tax affairs
The Company has a structure in place for directly reporting and managing tax affairs, which specifically undertakes the following matters:

– Handles all legal requests and submits with no omissions the appropriate tax declarations and payments.
– Constantly considers the Company’s rating and its corporate social responsibilities.
– Discusses the interpretation of the law with the tax authorities.
– Obtains pertinent advice from reliable consultancy firms as and when necessary.
– Applies tax reductions and feasible incentives in line with the intention of the law.
– Always examines the tax impact in business activities, including restructuring.

8. Overview of key roles and duties and briefing on the involvement of Directors
The Company Secretary and Finance Department continually manage the tax affairs, submit regular monthly reports to the Board, and report on the status of tax declarations and subsequent monitoring.

Company Secretary 31-8-2021