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Outdoor Wellbeing

Ready, steady, get outdoors! 

Turns out being outside reduces stress, anxiety and depression - and even improves our ability to concentrate and learn. Try these fun outdoor activities to entertain the family. What are you waiting for?

Cloud Collecting

Look up! These fluffy fellas are made up of tiny droplets of water vapour. Their unique shapes are affected by everything from weather conditions and air temperature to humidity and wind speed.


Sunshine & Shadows

Spend some time with your best dance partner – your shadow. The sun hangs out in different spots at different times of the day and time of year – changing the shape of your shadow.


Magical Mud

Mud, mud, glorious mud. Soil is a pretty big deal, vital  for all life on Earth. It’s a living thing, and just like us, it needs nutrients and water to stay alive. Amazing!



Pollinator café & butterfly feeders

Grub’s up chaps! Attract some fluttery guests to your garden, balcony or patio by serving up some nectar-rich flowers and homemade butterfly feeders.




Ready, Steady, Bioblitz

A bioblitz is a great way to discover as many wild plants and animals as possible in a defined area over one day. You could do a bioblitz in your garden, among the pots on your patio, or in a ten-metre square at the local park.

Rainy Day Activities

Rain, rain – no need to go away! You don’t have to stay indoors when it’s wet. Pop on some waterproofs and get outside for some splashing fun!



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